Friday, February 27, 2009

friday fun

So I was feeding Natty this morning and I noticed how cute her nose is.   I wanted to take a picture of her profile, but instead, this is what she was giving me.  
Now onto a little about me.  So my wonderfully talented friend Trina has been cutting my hair lately.  Yesterday I got it cut even shorter.  Its great.  She's very good and I love everything she does.  Here is the problem though...I have two TERRIBLE cowlicks.  One right on the front on my head and one in the back.  The new short bangs just stick straight out when I dry it...its kind of funny.  Anyway...what do you think?


beanjah said...

i love it.

Scott said...

Awww...that's all that matters. I like it too, for what it's worth.

Julie Anne said...

the shorter the better, in my opinion!

Natalie looks so BIG!!! Holy cow she's becoming a little girl!

Janssen said...

Very fun!

My little brother had two cowlicks right on the back of his head, so he didn't have a chance of hair lying flat back there.

aniC said...

you're addicted now.
i was going to make a joke about ben's love of short hair and your future plans of having babies, but it's probably inappropriate.
i wish i could pull off short hair like you do.