Friday, September 26, 2008

six month stats

At 13 lbs. and 12 oz. Natalie is in the 10th percentile for weight, but the 75th for height.  Our sweet little bean pole. Dr.YW PRES (we're sticking with the fake doctor theme from my first ever post) taught us a new trick too......

if we get so lucky!

Benjamin and I often talk about what our kids will be like. Mostly in terms of how weird/dorky they might be. Last night Benjamin even said that he doesn't think Natty will be all that weird because "we're both pretty normal". That made me laugh....because I know we have had very different conversations in the past. Anyway, if one of our sons is half this cool (otherwise know as weird/dorky), we will be so lucky!

Friday, September 12, 2008

to quote my cheerleaders "OMG!"

I usually leave the posting of dumb commercials to my friend Anitra (I would link to her, but her blog is private...grrrr!), but this particular commercial almost made me throw up, and I couldn't resist.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

watch me go go go

Natalie at 5 months.  

Ok, so its not quite as dramatic as I thought at the time...but still, its something. 

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pardon The Interruption

If you know me, and I'm guessing most of you do, then you know that I am a rather LARGE sports fan (except baseball....I HATE baseball).  Much more so than your average woman.  I like how into sports I get, and anytime I can surprise people, with my knowledge, is a huge plus for me.  
In my quest to gain more knowledge, I have been known to watch ESPN....a lot.  If you've ever watched ESPN then you know about the ticker (you know, its the thing on the bottom of the screen). I read the ticker so religiously that I'm often rewinding in order catch something I've missed.  Well today, the ticker gave me an early Christmas present....LANCE ARMSTRONG IS COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT TO COMPETE IN THE 2009 TOUR DE FRANCE!  
In our home the month of July is dedicated to watching the tour.  Benjamin turned me on to the tour, as he did most other sports, right after we got married and it quickly became one of the sports I'm passionate about.  Now cycling has its share of drama but the return of the greatest cyclists ever will surely bring some sanity back to the chaos.  I am so excited!  VIVA LE TOUR!!!

If you're wondering JUST  how into sports I am, this is what my weekend looked like. 
Saturday: college football...all day, with the US OPEN semifinals during all commercials, or whenever Benjamin happened to be out of the room, then after the GATOR game it was all about DC United
Sunday: the NFL....the first official Sunday of play, then more tennis.  My girl Jelena Jankovic finally made it to a Grand Slam Final, and couldn't quite beat the big gorilla that is Serena Williams, but she was funny all the same. 
Monday: US OPEN finals (GO ROGER!) and Monday Night Football (this is when I read said ticker)

July is a long way away, so its a good thing I have a full college, pro football, and MLS season to get me through!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

just call her a hooligan!

Last Saturday our good friends, Big and Rich, (a.k.a. Heather and Richard) came up from Richmond to go to a DC United game.  It was my first of the season and Natalie's first ever!  We have nothing black, and this is the only thing we have that's red, so its what we were stuck with.  Notice the bow...apparently that's not enough to clue people in that my child is a girl.  Oh well.  We had a great time at the game, and I have a feeling that it was only the first of many to come in our little hooligan's lifetime.  

Friday, September 5, 2008

true or false....

Ok, I know that I obviously think that my baby is the cutest baby on the planet, but what I want to brag about is how cute other people think she is.  
I remember (way back) when my sister Catherine was pregnant, with her son A.J., and she and Scott were worried that he would not be cute.  They agreed that you could tell whether or not he was cute by how many people wanted to hold him.  Well, I have to admit that not THAT many people ask to hold Natalie, but as Benjamin stood (in the rain) at the football game tonight, a countless number of people commented on her cuteness.  Now, I'm willing to admit that that may be because she looks just like Ben, so when he holds her she's just a way cuter version of the same face, but still....I'll take that.   
Anyway...she's cute, and oh boy is she on the move!

video to come

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

if i had a wish, that it would be...

a happy happy baby that didn't spit up!!!! Seriously, if I could change one thing (and its probably the only thing I would change) it would be for her to keep at least 1/4 of what I feed her, in her stomach. I know that it could be worse (really Katie, you have it worse than me) but now that Natty spends the majority of her time on her belly, doing the superman, the problem is only aggravated.

Anyway, I apologize for my absence as of late, but with a broken camera, I find I have no motivation. (Football is actually giving me lots of motivation to blog lately, but I know my audience and therefore won't risk my readership disappearing).

Big congrats to my best friend and sister Julie! I love you and I'm so happy for you!