Monday, September 8, 2008

Pardon The Interruption

If you know me, and I'm guessing most of you do, then you know that I am a rather LARGE sports fan (except baseball....I HATE baseball).  Much more so than your average woman.  I like how into sports I get, and anytime I can surprise people, with my knowledge, is a huge plus for me.  
In my quest to gain more knowledge, I have been known to watch ESPN....a lot.  If you've ever watched ESPN then you know about the ticker (you know, its the thing on the bottom of the screen). I read the ticker so religiously that I'm often rewinding in order catch something I've missed.  Well today, the ticker gave me an early Christmas present....LANCE ARMSTRONG IS COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT TO COMPETE IN THE 2009 TOUR DE FRANCE!  
In our home the month of July is dedicated to watching the tour.  Benjamin turned me on to the tour, as he did most other sports, right after we got married and it quickly became one of the sports I'm passionate about.  Now cycling has its share of drama but the return of the greatest cyclists ever will surely bring some sanity back to the chaos.  I am so excited!  VIVA LE TOUR!!!

If you're wondering JUST  how into sports I am, this is what my weekend looked like. 
Saturday: college football...all day, with the US OPEN semifinals during all commercials, or whenever Benjamin happened to be out of the room, then after the GATOR game it was all about DC United
Sunday: the NFL....the first official Sunday of play, then more tennis.  My girl Jelena Jankovic finally made it to a Grand Slam Final, and couldn't quite beat the big gorilla that is Serena Williams, but she was funny all the same. 
Monday: US OPEN finals (GO ROGER!) and Monday Night Football (this is when I read said ticker)

July is a long way away, so its a good thing I have a full college, pro football, and MLS season to get me through!


by AnnieValentine said...

Come on, did you really think he'd sit in his living room and watch? Hasn't he like ridden after cancer and stuff? Like retirement would hold him back? He's bored! He's rich! He wants the publicity!

You're cool. My husband would love it if I begged to watch ESPN. Not happening.

Jaime said...

You and I would be a matched set! I grew up with only brothers though so you are probably cooler than me because you only had sisters at home during your formative years.

I LOVE to pull out my sports knowledge and surprise people and your weekend was almost an EXACT replica of my weekend except add a live soccer game watched and played. ESPN rules.

Scott said...

You are sick!

Alison Wonderland said...

I thought that was what you were getting at. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I know he's the greatest ever blah blah blah. And it would be nice to have an American win but... Well, it's not like I get a choice.