Saturday, June 28, 2008

its almost vacation...

I really have nothing to say this week so of course I result to the adorableness of my baby.
In this video she's a little bit whiny (I waited 5 minutes too long of course) but totally cute (to me). We're gonna have a talky talky little girl on our hands, because she seriously does this all day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

THIS is perfection

I spent Saturday and Sunday night (and now I'm re watching today) watching the 2008 Olympic Trials. Specifically the gymnastics competition. I've done gymnastics since I was 6 and I spent every year after that (12 total) absolutely enthralled with the sport, and Shannon Miller. I loved her from the moment I saw her compete in Barcelona, in 1992. Shannon's best was beam, which was always my favorite. Over the years that she competed she became the most decorated gymnasts in history and still holds that title. As I watched the trials the last 2 days I felt nostalgic for my favorite '96 team, and believe me...if I had a VCR I would totally get my tapes out and watch them all (I have every nationals from '92-'96, all of the Olympics from that year, other various competitions).
Anyway, with all the changes that have been made in the sport, I felt that it was my duty to remind us all of what it used to look like...and what I wish it still did.

Congrats to Justin Srping for making the Olympic Team...I'm sure you'll do VA and Capital Gymnastics proud!

Friday, June 20, 2008


I am currently watching the worst movie of all time. I won't embarrass myself (or really my husband for making me watch it) by telling you what it is but I just need someone to save me. Please!

family, isn't it about...time

Everyday when Benjamin gets home (or during those blessed days that he "works" from home) we watch soccer. Specifically, the last few weeks, we've been watching Euro 2008. Don't you think for 2 seconds that Natalie doesn't love it just as much as her daddy. (Deutschland Uber Alles!!!)
Inevitably we miss the best stuff once we try to video tape, but this is pretty cute.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

aint no sunshine when she's gone

For Sale: Demon child who doesn't go to sleep until 11pm or later. Sleeps for approximately 45 minutes (just so you're nice and soundly sleeping) and then wakes up and cries for and unlimited amount of time until her father (wonderful, kind man that he is) comes and puts her back to sleep.

Missing: My angel baby that used to fall asleep within 5 minutes of being rocked and slept for 7+ hours. If you have any information, please send it to the tired woman behind the computer.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a clean home is a happy home

Many of you (particularly the ones that have been in any of the four homes we've lived in) may know parts, it not all, of this post to be false. I enjoy being in denial however, so this is how it will stay in my mind.

Contrary to what we may look like most of the time, Benjamin and I are clean people. I don't mean that we clean often, because in fact we don't, (which is the whole point of this rambling) but we just seem to not be all that dirty. Our bathrooms, being hideously white, rarely show any other sign of use besides my (beautiful) hair (which I'm somewhat anal about picking up), and some water drops on the counter. (Benjamin and I have joked lately that I would pay him to REALLY clean our bathrooms once every two weeks, but he's not enticed by my piddly outside income that he gets in the end anyway...go figure.) Our bedroom on most days only has our pajamas laying, neatly I might add, on top of our dresser and the bed is almost always made (thanks mom). The kitchen is a little bit of a different story, but I think I do a fairly good job of making sure the sink isn't always full of dirty dishes, and I don't mind sweeping so that usually keeps it nice and tidy too.
However, today I looked around and saw filth. Filth that has been building up and no doubt being noticed by other people for a couple of months now, but that I have been blind to. So, its off to Costco I go for my favorite cleaning tool....the Clorox wipe, and when Natalie wakes up I'll even finish vacuuming the upstairs. The downstairs....yikes, I might not be so bold as to attack that today, but I might just have to as to avoid mentally piling on and inevitably making myself sick over it. Happy "my house is gross" hump day to you all......the filth is calling.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the little things

Sometimes I feel like the best mom ever. Those moments usually come when Natalie starts to cry and I can immediately tell what's wrong. For example, this morning she was fed, changed and kicking in her seat when she started to fuss (that leaves only one thing). I picked her up, put her binkie in, laid her in the crib, and this is what I saw..... HAPPY SATURDAY!

Friday, June 13, 2008

with a cherry on top!

I haven't posted in the last few days because I had something specific I wanted to share, and that's not working out.
I'm not normally a klutz but the other day I had a real moment. The other day while I was walking up the stairs, and talking on the phone, I fell (embarassing, but kind of funny). Now I pretty much have bruises from knee to ankle on both of my shins. Since then I've tried to get some good pictures to illustrate, but have failed. Have no fear though, I'm sure with our lovely hard wood floors, that I'll fall again, and again, and again. make this post not a complete waste of time, here's a treat.

I always miss the best smile by a fraction of a second, but this one is not so bad.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pictures and a video....don't get too excited

Tummy on tummy....on daddy!

This is how I start....

This is how I end up...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

...its off to work we go

Until a few months ago Benjamin has worked in the same office, with many of the same people, for the past 8 years. Now he has switched offices and my fun lunchtime visits have ended.
This past Tuesday, we took a trip back so we could of course show off our new addition.

Here's Natty (Bo) with her Uncle Lap. (if you know Lap, how perfect is this first picture?)

And Aunty Karen

See you soon!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

just a look, that's all it takes

We love to go see Benjamin's brother, Andrew, play soccer. He is really very good, and we've been watching his team for a few years now.

Carol (my mil) is all but the official team photographer. She IS Natalie's official photographer...and we love it!

This is the look she gave the boys at half when they were down 5-0

She didn't even have to say anything...the look says it all. The boys were shamed, but made her proud by scoring 2 goals in the 2nd half.

as a sidenote, that scowl sometimes gets even deeper. her brow furrows so much I think she for sure knows what she's doing and is very disapointed in my actions (mainly when I'm shoveling the cookie dough in my mouth).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i SO got tagged.....finally

I love my sister...and she totally tagged me (which I've been secretly been hoping for since I started my blog, who doesn't love a specific reason to blog?) Also, don't forget to check her tagged post, as well, because you might have been tagged and not even known it (we're stalkers...and have no shame)

#1 My sink

I'm not that embarrassed by this, but only because the dishwasher is currently being run, and if the picture were to pan to the left (which it can't, obviously) there is a huge sheet of wax paper with cookie dough balls, ready to be baked.

#2 Inside Fridge

For someone who hates condiments (which I LOATHE) I sure have a lot. Not much else though....commissary soon?

#3 Favorite Shoes

They're new, and I haven't even worn them yet. They're so cute!

#4 Closet

I am so spoiled. I have 2 closets, neither of which I share with Benjamin. How lovely...and I don't even have that much to put in them, I'm just obsessively anal about organization.

#5 Laundry Pile

Not bad...not bad at all.

#6 What the kids are doing right now

Action shot!

#7 Favorite Room

This is Natalie's room, and basically I just love that chair. I spend most of my day in this room because it is also where the computer is, but that chair is the highlight.

#8 The Toilet

It's my very own...and I promise it's clean.

#9 Fantasy Vacation - honestly, I have absolutely no idea where to even start with this.

#10 Self Portrait

I'm hot, in every sense of the word. I had just gotten back from the gym and for whatever reason told Benjamin to take a picture...I just thought it would fit.
And I tag Katie, Cari, Natalie, and Janssen....have fun!