Tuesday, June 3, 2008

i SO got tagged.....finally

I love my sister...and she totally tagged me (which I've been secretly been hoping for since I started my blog, who doesn't love a specific reason to blog?) Also, don't forget to check her tagged post, as well, because you might have been tagged and not even known it (we're stalkers...and have no shame)

#1 My sink

I'm not that embarrassed by this, but only because the dishwasher is currently being run, and if the picture were to pan to the left (which it can't, obviously) there is a huge sheet of wax paper with cookie dough balls, ready to be baked.

#2 Inside Fridge

For someone who hates condiments (which I LOATHE) I sure have a lot. Not much else though....commissary soon?

#3 Favorite Shoes

They're new, and I haven't even worn them yet. They're so cute!

#4 Closet

I am so spoiled. I have 2 closets, neither of which I share with Benjamin. How lovely...and I don't even have that much to put in them, I'm just obsessively anal about organization.

#5 Laundry Pile

Not bad...not bad at all.

#6 What the kids are doing right now

Action shot!

#7 Favorite Room

This is Natalie's room, and basically I just love that chair. I spend most of my day in this room because it is also where the computer is, but that chair is the highlight.

#8 The Toilet

It's my very own...and I promise it's clean.

#9 Fantasy Vacation - honestly, I have absolutely no idea where to even start with this.

#10 Self Portrait

I'm hot, in every sense of the word. I had just gotten back from the gym and for whatever reason told Benjamin to take a picture...I just thought it would fit.
And I tag Katie, Cari, Natalie, and Janssen....have fun!


Julie Beck said...

I'm on it...but lately Reagan has been attacking me every time I get on the computer (drawbacks to having a lab top we keep at the couch) She's asleep so maybe tonight???

And who is this Diana, and what have you done with the one I know??? Going to the gym? (I know you've been doing it for a while but I haven't seen it with my own eyes), baking ALL the time, and wearing high heels. Crazy, but I like it (oh I miss you!)

PS your house is darling. I love the white cabinets in the kitchen, and the paneling in the bathroom. I'm officially jealous.

Alison Wonderland said...

I can't believe you actually posted that picture! But I love it. Seriously. And I really love that you posted your meme. Come play with me soon.

Ben said...

That's awesome Diana. Poor Becky has to share her closet with me!