Friday, June 20, 2008

family, isn't it about...time

Everyday when Benjamin gets home (or during those blessed days that he "works" from home) we watch soccer. Specifically, the last few weeks, we've been watching Euro 2008. Don't you think for 2 seconds that Natalie doesn't love it just as much as her daddy. (Deutschland Uber Alles!!!)
Inevitably we miss the best stuff once we try to video tape, but this is pretty cute.


Scott said...

She is so cute! I like to watch your baby and remember that I do really like this stage when they are alert enough to look around, but still too floppy to control any movements. Those little cheeks are just begging to be squeezed!

shaniqua said...

look at that cute little mini-edgell. it makes me laugh how undeniably edgell she is (c: