Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a clean home is a happy home

Many of you (particularly the ones that have been in any of the four homes we've lived in) may know parts, it not all, of this post to be false. I enjoy being in denial however, so this is how it will stay in my mind.

Contrary to what we may look like most of the time, Benjamin and I are clean people. I don't mean that we clean often, because in fact we don't, (which is the whole point of this rambling) but we just seem to not be all that dirty. Our bathrooms, being hideously white, rarely show any other sign of use besides my (beautiful) hair (which I'm somewhat anal about picking up), and some water drops on the counter. (Benjamin and I have joked lately that I would pay him to REALLY clean our bathrooms once every two weeks, but he's not enticed by my piddly outside income that he gets in the end anyway...go figure.) Our bedroom on most days only has our pajamas laying, neatly I might add, on top of our dresser and the bed is almost always made (thanks mom). The kitchen is a little bit of a different story, but I think I do a fairly good job of making sure the sink isn't always full of dirty dishes, and I don't mind sweeping so that usually keeps it nice and tidy too.
However, today I looked around and saw filth. Filth that has been building up and no doubt being noticed by other people for a couple of months now, but that I have been blind to. So, its off to Costco I go for my favorite cleaning tool....the Clorox wipe, and when Natalie wakes up I'll even finish vacuuming the upstairs. The downstairs....yikes, I might not be so bold as to attack that today, but I might just have to as to avoid mentally piling on and inevitably making myself sick over it. Happy "my house is gross" hump day to you all......the filth is calling.


Sedwick Family said...

While your at it, why don't you bring those clorox wipes over to my house and get it done too!

Alison Wonderland said...

Sean and I used to be clean too. In fact WE probably still are. Our house however... it's not.