Friday, September 5, 2008

true or false....

Ok, I know that I obviously think that my baby is the cutest baby on the planet, but what I want to brag about is how cute other people think she is.  
I remember (way back) when my sister Catherine was pregnant, with her son A.J., and she and Scott were worried that he would not be cute.  They agreed that you could tell whether or not he was cute by how many people wanted to hold him.  Well, I have to admit that not THAT many people ask to hold Natalie, but as Benjamin stood (in the rain) at the football game tonight, a countless number of people commented on her cuteness.  Now, I'm willing to admit that that may be because she looks just like Ben, so when he holds her she's just a way cuter version of the same face, but still....I'll take that.   
Anyway...she's cute, and oh boy is she on the move!

video to come

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Alison Wonderland said...

Don't sweat it baby, she's cute.