Monday, February 2, 2009

following the leader...

Along with 95% of the people I know (who a. blog or b. are on facebook) I'm jumping off the bridge.  Come on in...the water's fine.  

1. I have a strong and unconditional love for nectarines.
2. My senior year of high school I competed on a co-ed cheerleading squad.  One of the greatest things ever. 
3. My middle name was Christine, it is now officially Jones
4. I can't resist the chance to talk about myself. 
5. If given the opportunity to do anything girly, or watch any sporting event...I would always pick the sports. 
6. I can carry on a knowledgeable conversation with any man on any sport, excluding baseball.  
7. My parents taught me invaluable lessons on how to work.  My siblings and I thank them often for this often. 
8. My best friend from childhood, and her whole family call me "dirty" in dirty diana (michael jackson song), not just because I was dirty.
9. I would like to someday be an oncology nurse. 
10. I read roughly 75 books in 2008.  
11. I probably only read 3 in 2007.
12. No one very close to me has ever died (that wasn't over 90). 
13. I don't expect I will handle it very well when someone close to me does die. 
14. I know exactly what I would do with my life if Benjamin were to die.  (I know that's awful, but when you live with fear, you have to prepare your, if I plan it, it won't happen)
15. I want to live in Springfield, Virginia for the rest of my life, and I think I will. 
16. I love my steak very very rare.  
17. A (small) part of me thinks I might end up having more kids than my brain can handle.  
18. I remember everything.  Just test me. 
19. My mother influenced many of the people that I see on a weekly basis.  I am proud to be her daughter and hope that someday I will live up to that.  
20. I believe there is something wrong with people who don't like Jack Black. 
21. I don't play any video games. 
22. I drank alcohol once in 8th was terrible.  
23. I enjoyed almost nothing more than talking to my 4 sisters everyday.  They are the best friends I have. 
24. I was in a fashion show when I was in kindergarten.  I modeled two different dresses, and also tripped up the stairs on my way to the stage. 
25. I am really good at teaching the young women at church.  I love them. 


Cari said...

#9 Wanna switch professions? Then maybe we'll both know what we're not missing out on!

Alison Wonderland said...

Yay for D!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't like Jack Black!