Monday, December 8, 2008

green apple or strawberry?

What is it about starburst jelly beans that is addicting?  When I was pregnant and feeling like I wanted to die, I remember eating an entire bag.  That was what sounded good, and all previously or presently (sick) pregnant women know that when it sounds eat it.  So I ate the whole bag....and then they all came back up.  It wasn't pretty.  
Last night we were at my lovely niece's birthday party and we made gingerbread houses.   I actually didn't make one...just ate the candy.  And then we got talked into taking some home.  So now I have a bag of startburst jelly beans which I'm demolishing....and reeses's pieces which I'm almost demolishing....oops.  Hopefully this won't turn out the way that it did a year ago.  fingers crossed. 

oh yeah....GO GATORS!

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Alison Wonderland said...

Good thing you're such a spinning fool.