Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas slideshow

So we got back from Utah last night.  It was a great week, topped off by the illness that Benjamin and I always come home with.  Its part of the fun though, ya know.  Anyway...this slideshow is a sad depiction of our fun time.  Thanks to my wondeful mother and her wonderful planning we were busy with family everyday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  Unfortunately the only pictures I seemed to take were at times when only my sister E and her kids were around.  So in your mind, just add 24 other grandchildren and 12 other adults.  


Alison Wonderland said...

Come back!

Mrs. Clark said...

Egad, I can't believe there were 25 kids and 14 adults. Talk about being outnumbered!

Thanks for the cute pic of my son and his lovely bride. Glad you had fun with Natalie's first Christmas!

Dunstan Family said...

Happy New Year!! Hopefully we can see you while we are in DC