Tuesday, December 2, 2008

don't judge me, i went to the circus

Another back in the day memory....Britney Spears.  From the moment I first heard baby one more time, I have been hooked.  I have a HUGE, and mostly hidden, love for dancing.  If I'm doing dishes (and Brawny isn't home), you can be sure that the music is up loud and Natabulous is laughing, as her foolish mother dances around the kitchen.  There is no music better to dance to than the over processed, mechanically sounding Britney album.  
Well, today, as I'm hoping most of you are unaware of (because, really Britney might be the devil) she released her comeback album.  For the last few weeks I have been glued to my computer for the latest clips off the album, or any recent performances that she has done in Europe.  This morning I watched her in all her lipsyching glory on Good Morning America, and got so pumped.  So after Natabulous woke up from her nap, we ran our little selves over to Best Buy and purchased my new obsession for exactly $10.49....a steal!   
I car danced myself all the way home and I'm currently polluting my home (and my defenseless child's mind) with the pop and dance goodness that is....CIRCUS!!!  Please join me.

PS I totally tried to buy tickets to her concert too...but luckily, I'm too cheap and the price was just more than a little teeny bopper like myself could stand to pay.  


Jaime said...

Man, maybe we should've been best friends instead of me and Allison? We are cut from the same cloth! Old school Britney makes me happy and dance (in secret) like no other. I hope she gets it together. Go Britney!

Ben said...

Diana, you know we will never judge you.

Anonymous said...

You are HILARIOUS! Enjoy your Britney!

Alison Wonderland said...

I believe that I would really like it too but I'm not allowed.

Clint and Celeste said...

Lol, didn't know that about you! :)