Monday, December 1, 2008

(does not) live to moo another day

Back in the day...we're talking 1999 (Alison, is that when you got married?) Maggie Moo's was THE shiz.  It was an often occurrence that I begged my poor mother to take me there so that I could enjoy some cheesecake ice cream with strawberries mixed in.  I was in love.  I even remember when Alison got married and her lovely mother in law, tried and tried to figure out a way to transport some of the moo goodness back to Utah with her.  Tonight however,  Brawny man (testing that name out...what do you think?) and I went to the sad little ice cream shop and it was terrible.  
We can often be found patronizing the local Cold Stone Creamery and Brawny man ALWAYS gets a chocolate and peanut butter shake.  He chose to get the same thing from Maggie's and in order for, the poor boy working,  to actually fill the cup he asked if Brawny would like whip cream on top.  When he replied "no", the boy proceeded to get an extra scoop of chocolate ice cream and just plop it into the cup.  Not to mention that the blender must have been used to make something like mocha or coffee beforehand.....we could tell.   
As for my choice, I was excited to revisit the good ol' cheesecake and strawberry days and they didn't even have cheesecake ice cream.  At least 3 of their signature choices featured do you not have any?  
Anyway...we won't be returning.  The stone of cold already had my love...but now I'm even more dedicated.