Monday, July 14, 2008

i have girls just wanna have fun in my head...

We're half way through our Jones Family trip to Utah and things are going so wonderfully. Natty has cried herself to sleep twice now on the trip, only lasting about 5 minutes each time....hooray for sisters who just tell me to do it!
I can't wait to load all of my pictures (and video). So far we have done....trip to Idaho, tour of the new RSL stadium, surprise party, karaoke, rock band party, RSL game, etc. I have nothing for you yet...but not to worry, they'll come soon.
Natalie and I are very sad though that Daddy is gone. Someone has to pay for this mulitple meals at Cafe Rio and Mad Greek right?
Anyway, I'm back to watching (what will always be known in our house as the soundtrack of July) The Tour De France.

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