Friday, May 9, 2008

so long, farewell

My parents were back here, in Virginia, for the first time (together) in 7 years. It was so wonderful for them to be here, and I know that all of their friends were so happy to see them. With the new house there was plenty of space, and with a new baby there was plenty of entertainment. Please come again....we love you!


Julie Beck said...

How wonderful!!! I bet it was great to have them there and their attention be one just one grandbaby instead of, what's the number at now, um 40? Did they see a lot of their friends while they were there?
Yummy ham and potato casserole

(I love that the blanket I made you is in the background, I'm glad it's well loved and used)

mellenthinclan said...

yeah, where's the blanket I gave you?

Scott said...

I love that picture of all three of you. It's a great one.