Tuesday, May 27, 2008

my new toy

A few weeks ago I started baking. I really enjoyed it. Much more than I ever remember before, so I've kept going. This last week was a lonely one for me, since Benjamin was out of the house and working hard, so I decided if I'm going to keep baking this much, I would need the proper tools.
For 3 years I've wanted to buy my new toy, but have never felt justified. However, now I feel I owe it to the integrity of my molasses, and my chocolate chocolate peanut butter cookies. Presenting....my new toy!

I love her already....I think I'll name her Ruby. Ruby and I will be spending lots of time together, which is bad for my physical well-being, so everyone (especially if you comment) will be receiving the fruits of our labor (of love). Ok, maybe only if you live in my state, but everyone else should know that I would share my goodies with you if I could.

and, as always


shaniqua said...

i think that's the cutest picture of natalie so far. i love when they start smiling.

jud has wanted a toy like ruby for a while now, we just haven't wanted to fork over the money for it. i think he'd rather put the money towards a flat screen.

Julie Beck said...

I'm so jealous!!! Although I doubt even a kitchen aid could motivate me to bake! I'm glad you found something you love, what a great hobby!

Ruby was the name of my beloved deep red nalgene bottle. I took that thing everywhere (until it was stolen when my backpack got stolen sophomore year, sad) I'm glad the name can live on!

Dunstan Family said...

congrats on your new addition i love mine we got mine last year.... what a dream... i use it quite a bit too... natalie looks cute it looks like red hair yayay

Alison Wonderland said...

Super cute picture.

And although ruby is a cutie you shoulda gotta bosch.

I comment and I want my cookies!