Monday, April 21, 2008


I can't lie and say that I have always loved to read, but I definitely do now. When I was younger I read all things related to gymnastics or ice skating and my mom was always very encouraging of it, because at least I was reading something. As I got older I read a little more, but it wasn't rare for me to stop halfway through whatever book my english class might be reading. I am very glad now that I've grown out of much so that I have a hard time not finishing a book, even if its terrible. When I got pregnant with Natalie I started reading constantly, and I just haven't stopped. My sisters all read a lot, so I rely on them for the best book suggestions, and within all of the books they've told me I read, came The Twilight Series. I read all 3 books in 6 days and they absolutely overtook my life....I LOVE THESE BOOKS! My love is probably a bit unhealthy, but I just can't help it. I visit the authors site often. So for those of you that are as anxious as me, for the fourth book, and the movie in December, GO HERE!

And if you haven't read the books....what's wrong with you?


mellenthinclan said...

looks pretty sweet! ur coming out to see it with me, right?

Dana said...

Right before reading your post I had JUST preordered the last book at It's only $12 something compared to the $22 it will be when it comes out.

Kim said...

You sound EXACTLY like me!!! I read the Twilight series at my mom's urging while I was pregnant, and became addicted! I have never been so involved in a book series in my life, and can't wait for The Breaking Dawn to come out in August. You know that the extended version of Eclipse is coming out on May 31st, right? It has the first chapter from The Breaking Dawn in it!

Well, I just had to tell you that I totally understand (to an amazingly crazy degree) what you're talking about, because that's totally me! :)