Thursday, April 17, 2008

back in the 22153

From the day I was born, until August 20, 2001, I lived in the zip code of 22152, and now after 6 plus years, I'm living in 22153...very close. Its hard to believe that I have lived in this area for all but 3 and 1/2 years of my life, and I doubt I ever would've guessed it. It doesn't seem like we'll be leaving anytime soon either, a weird realization for me and Benjamin, but a happy one.

So anyway....this is where we live
And this is where we're moving to

p.s. Today was Natalie's due date, and in honor of that, she did decide to start gaining weight....tons of it actually. Also she's awake all the time now which is super crazy, so there will be lots of video to come!


Julie Beck said...

Thanks for doing this!!! This is such a cute house! I love the kitchen especially.

I miss town houses like those!(Will didn't even know what a town house really was until high school) But in VA like 1/2 the people I knew lived in them. It's also kinda of weird to remember 3 full floors (it seems like in Utah you either have a basement or an upstairs, not everyone but a lot!) I love the green.

That's going to be a great place!

emily said...

i would like to live in your craft room. and you should start using the barbecue now. we will invite ourselves over best barbecue night 2008.