Saturday, April 12, 2008

do you know who's playing right now?

At Natalie's 2 week check-up we were informed that she's not gaining weight fast enough. I feel like she's getting huge, but I guess I'm wrong. So, she an I have been eating, eating, eating, and while she and I work on fattening her up, Benjamin has been working, working, working. That's frustrating, but there is always hope when I know there is a DC United game on tv....and not just any game...its the first leg of THE BEN CUP!!!!! Are you out of the loop? Well, find out all about it at

The second leg of the cup is going to be played 2 weeks from today (here in D.C.)...the same day WE'RE MOVING!!!! Natalie and I won't be in attendance, but it is not even a question that Benjamin WILL be going.

We really know what's important here in the Edgell household. All life stops when the black and red are playing! Especially when I get to see my new love...."Tino".

And while I sit at home each day (not able to drive for another 2 weeks) I am looking for the "end of the internet" in search of any DCU gear for cute would that be!

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Alison Wonderland said...

Oh, there's got to be some DCU baby gear out there. If there's Metallica baby gear (and we both know there is) then there's DCU baby gear.