Monday, January 11, 2010

she took dad's whole side of the bed

After 22 months of life, Natalie finally slept in our bed....for a whole 25 minutes. The boogie man must have attacked her at about 1030 and because of my large belly (is there a baby in there?) I couldn't really hold and rock her in the rocking chair, so I brought her onto our bed. It took her a little bit to fall back asleep but I wanted to make sure she was really out before we moved her. In the meantime I was reminded that this is why my children will not sleep in bed with me. It doesn't matter whether they are 1 day or 22 months, I can be miserably tired and still not get one second of sleep. At some point I'm sure that I'll convince myself that my every move will not wake them up, but as of now I believe that to be true...and moving isn't worth waking up the sleeping child. It was a nice reminder to have 2 months before the new baby comes. Poor thing doesn't stand a chance.

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