Monday, January 4, 2010

i swear i don't do new years resolutions....

but for further documentation of my GOALS for the year......

2010 Goals

Spiritual- scriptures EVERYday (I really want to hit all 365, not just the 340 that I usually do, Ensign every month
Family- stay w/in going out to eat budget
Personal- run 5 miles a week
Educational- 5 non-fiction books on a specific subject
Professional- 1 day a week with NO tv
Always- temple, scriptures, prayer, visiting teaching, fhe

and just because my girl is cute....


JC said...

Great idea to share your goals - we can all help each other. And yes, she is SOOOO cute.

diana banana said...

who is this?

Julie Anne said...

I love it Diana!
I was so not into making any goals this year but after all these blogs about great goals, I am (a little late) making my list.
Thanks for the inspiration. You're awesome! I so look up to you and miss you!