Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Benjamin was going through a box of old stuff a few weeks ago and he found an old journal of mine. After reading through some of it, laughing, and cringing, I've started writing in it again. I've been pretty casual about it. Sometimes I write multiple times, sometimes I miss altogether but I keep in on the counter and write as I feel the need to purge my thoughts.I've discovered that because of that I haven't blogged much. Usually the blog was the place for the brain dumping and cute picture posting....now I suppose it'll be mostly the latter.

Friday is our anniversary. For those of you counting, its been 5 years. We still laugh and still like each other a lot....what more can you ask for?

Its French Open time....anyone else watching?

Natalie is a climber. This last weekend she started with her kitchen. The first few times she climbed up I resisted getting her down, hoping that if she kept getting stuck, she would stop. Well at about the third time she decided she would just learn how to get down herself. It was funny to watch her feel her way down with her feet, looking for a place to put her weight. A cute little wall-climber in the making.
Natalie likes noodles (sometimes).

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