Friday, February 26, 2010

prayer update: they work

I feel like I need to express my thanks and gratefulness to any and everyone that really has prayed for me and this, yet to be born, baby. Even though she hasn't come yet, and there is still a chance of a repeat c-section, I have been given an amazing opportunity.
When I went to the Dr. on February 17 I was told "if you haven't had the baby by next week (the 24th) we are going to have to schedule your c-section for the week after (March 3rd), because we cannot induce you, and we do not 'let' you go past your due date". I was discouraged but hoped that over the next two weeks, I could hopefully get this done. When I went to the Dr. February 24th (I saw the same physician) I was told "over the last week, all the of practice has met and we've decided that we will augment (induce) labor in v-bac patients (such as myself). So not only do we not need to schedule your c-section, but we will also let you go to 41 weeks (March 10th)". So suddenly what I thought was only a week left to get things going, turned into three! Now, the idea of being pregnant until the 10th doesn't really sound appealing, but nonetheless, I know that it is an answer to the prayers that have been said on our behalf.
What are the chances that the practice would change their minds during the exact week that I was given to make a decision. If I had scheduled that c-section on the 17th, when I was first asked to, I'm quite confident that I would not have been told of the "rule changes" and would've proceeded to have my second c-section sometime next week.
I'm still hoping that I won't need the induction, and that I'll be able to lay on my stomach sooner rather than later, but I just felt like I needed to write all this down and say thank you.
One way or another, I'll have this baby by March 9th.


Julie Anne said...

Diana this makes me want to cry! I know prayers are answered!!! Wow, it is so cool to hear such miracles! So so neat! And you're right, it's so important to write it down in gratitude because we forget, and forget the miraculousness of it (tend to think it "just happened") I love you!!! And you're still in my prayers!

trina said...

that is amazing! i'm so happy for you! i can't believe they are inducing you! that gives me hope for if there's another in our future. good luck! it will be a breeze. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Keeping good thoughts and prayers for you and your little one!

Jenna Baker said...

I am so happy your baby is born! Healthy and beautiful I am sure:)