Monday, September 14, 2009

something to say

I feel like I should have something to say......

-I'm ready for fall. The chilly weather, sweaters, sports (which I am definitely getting my fill), socks, pretty colors.
-Because Natalie is so tiny, I find it frustrating to find fall clothes that fit her (in what I already have) since the summer stuff is barely starting to fit.
-We're buying the house that we live in. I am surprised at how excited and not excited I am about that.
-I discovered that the color that we painted Natalie's room, and were going to paint the "guest" room, is not a color that Benjamin instead we're waiting for the gender of baby #2 to be revealed and then we'll proceed. (keep in mind that room has been taped and ready to pain since July)
-I need to cut my hair, but I'm trying the let it grow and see what happens plan. Day to day, it doesn't look so hot.
-I've been reading NieNie fills me with lots of "interesting" thoughts.
-I heard a great talk yesterday about not always feeling that your prayers have been answered.
-It reminded me that I don't pray very often or well and I might be more likely to receive answers if I did better at the necessary steps.
-I bought our tickets to go to Utah for thanksgiving. Pie night has me salivating already!!!!!!
-I miss making cookies....I'm going to remedy this today and make something yummy for our monday night family time.
-Benjamin got a new job. I have a husband with a schedule, its a beautiful thing.
-I can now only fall asleep with the aid of drugs. uhh.....
-Benjamin and I watched the MTV VMA'S last night. This more than slightly embarrasses me, however, the tribute to Michael Jackson was pretty awesome!
-I just folded a load of laundry and I know feel that my WHOLE day won't have been a waste.
-My reading slump has really put me in a sluggish mood lately.
-As I was folding the aforementioned load of laundry I found one of my socks that had a "D" written on it. I put it there when I was in high school and wanted to keep my socks seperate from Julie's. That made me miss her, and so excited to see her, and her beautiful new home, in November.
-I love tennis more and more every year.

Apparently I had some things to get out of my head.


Ben said...

Whoa, new job for Ben? Any details?

Migillicutty said...

Oooh... Pie Night. Can't wait!

The Butcher Family said...

Congrats on buying your house!

Richard Sedwick said...

an excellent post, way to break from the norm

p.s. really hoping for a richmond move, oh well,we'll still be friends.

Anonymous said...

This list reminded me that I really like you and that I should stop by more often.

Also, I have not forgotten that I owe you something. I have until the end of the year. Expect a New Year's Eve surprise. Maybe.

Julie Anne said...

I liked this, especially that you're thinking of me!
Love you!

Cari said...

So many new things I learned about you. You should do this kind of post more often!