Tuesday, May 26, 2009

unconnected events

*This morning we woke up with a bloody nosed baby.  This is not the first, but it is by far the worst ever.  It has continued to bleed throughout the morning.  The frequent temper tantrums are not helping to stop the flow. 
*No matter how many times I catch her doing this (and no matter how guitly I feel that she is already addicted to tv) I just can't keep myself from taking a picture.  Everytime. 

*Pardon the slightly strange angle, and facial expression....she kind of looks like a character from the backyardigans.  Check out those blue eyes though....


aniC said...

oh mercy! thats horrible! the bloody nose that is...and the tv watching (c:
but seriously, the bloody nose is the worst. i can't imagine waking up to find that.

Anonymous said...

Her daddy did that when he was about 2 - but it was much worse than that. I won't go into details - too gory for publication.
And we survived and look how well he turned out. :-)